Displacement: 378.8(ml)
Maximum Speed: 140(km/h)
Wheelbase: 1410(mm)
L*W*H: 2050×775×1127(mm)
Brake Type(F): Disk Type
Brake Type(R): Disk Type


BOSCH ABS braking system.(BOSCH) braking system is the international leading technology, and its quality is reliable and stable. Motorcycles with BOSCH technology all have good reputations.
Luxurious car level LED lens headlamp
Car level LED lens headlamp is introduced to the motorcycle, its luminance reaches 46,000.00CD, and glass lens structure makes better light-gathering effect, the edge of light area is more clear.
Beidou automatic tracking& driving recording
The 200 million-pixel high definition video recorder records the beautiful scenery  on the way, and bring more fun and joy to the travel and driving.
DELPHI fuel injection& double-cylinder engine
The engine has double cylinders with asynchronous motors& overhead camshaft. Its max power reaches 28.5KW, max torque 35N.m. The fuel injection from DELPHI can ensures the continuous power output.
BOSCH ABS braking system
The BOSCH made ABS braking system makes and enjoyable travel on mater in high speed, on mountain road or snow ground.
LCD display
The LCD meter displays clear running specifications on the meter. The left area has a fuel consumption line, which indicate the speed and fuel consumption.
Aerometal rear fork
Luxurious CNC aluminum&stainless steel muffler
braid-type frame
The braid-type frame firmly hugs the engine. All the structural parts are made of aluminum, except the frame.
Upside-down front shock absorbers
TIMSUN tires
Front tire size: 110/70-17, rear tire size: 150/55-17; both tires are antiskid tires, which make high speed driving more stable.
Car level painting& big fuel tank.
16 litres fuel tank makes you driving farther, and decrease the times of fuel charging.
water cooling system
The big size honeycomb radiator improves heat dissipation efficiency, ensures the engine power’s continuous output.
Slip clutch
Slip clutch adds a transmission protection between the engine and the rear wheel. When speed differences between the wheels and engine are too big, the slip clutch can help decrease the momentum, making the clutch lever easier to control.
Anti-theft fuel tank
high brightness tail lamp
The tail lamp uses multi-fold refracting technology, through multi-fold refraction, to decrease giddiness caused by tail lamp.
Many aluminum parts
It is a development trend to use aluminum parts on motorcycles. The aluminum parts are artistic, resistant to corrosion, good heat conduction and non-magnetism, etc. Meanwhile, using aluminum parts is crucial to decrease motorcycle’s weight, fuel consumption, as well as exhaust pollution.
Music system-music on the way
USB plus blue tooth connection system brings music, joy and fun to your travel.